14 Bizarre and Funny Employee Awards To Boost Workplace Engagement

  • Because we’re all “the best” at something…

Awards are representations of the public appreciation of someone’s skills or achievements. They are meant to serve various purposes. An employer’s award, for instance, might be to encourage other employees or dissuade them from certain behaviors. Anybody can organize an award. But the clout generated around it would determine its relevance.

Thanks to the internet, it is now easier to check out any custom awards trophy store near you from the comfort of your home.

Below are some employee fun awards an employer might consider introducing at the workplace to boost workers’ engagement.

For the Gram Award

We all know that employee who would go all the length to take a picture. Their office hour is only complete with taking pictures and uploading them on social media.

Coffee Buddy Award

This Award winner can have coffee in the morning, afternoon and night. Check them at the coffee station whenever they are not at their desk. Some are so good that they can tell you almost anything about coffee.

Lateness Is A Sin Award

For these employees, coming late to work or any meeting is taboo. You will likely find them minutes early and can count on them if you need something done at the office early.

The Toolbox Award

Some employers are exceptionally gifted when it comes to repairing things. Even though they may work in the accounting department or any other unrelated department, they are the go-to person to fix things.

Be it broken chairs, a faulty microwave, an unresponsive computer or the TV acting up, they will always find a solution.

Walking Encyclopedia Award

Consider this award for employees who have in-depth knowledge about almost anything. They have the answer for everything.

These employees are usually instrumental during the brainstorming and drafting a project plan. They usually offer their recommendation based on the understanding of different influencing factors.

Empty Desk/Invisible Man Award

You have to be lucky to catch these people at their desks. They are always away for one reason or the other.

They are seen one minute; in another, they are gone. This makes them very hard to locate whenever you need them.

Grammar Police Award

You need to double-check your grammar before speaking when around these people. They make it their responsibility to correct everyone’s grammar blunders, whether written or spoken.

The Chatbot Award

This Award is for staff that would do better than an AI-powered chatbot. They have the perfect emoji and gif response to almost every conversation.

They are usually the life of the company’s chat group.

Office Calendar Award

Many workers require a daily reminder to attend all virtual meetings. This is not the case for employees that deserve this award.

They know everyone’s birthday, wedding anniversary, and even employment date.

If they go out of their way to get cakes or gifts for the occasion, you can make it fun and appreciative by tagging it Parent Award.

Gastronomy Award

This award can be presented to employee that does not joke with their food. You decide if to make it funny or serious. If funny, you may only consider the employee that loves to eat most.

Another option is to shortlist employees that are very cautious about what they eat. For instance, before touching any food, they want to know all the ingredients and how it was prepared.

Google-Translator Award

Due to exposure or country of origin, there are staffs that could speak different languages. Colleagues go to them for translation and also help in writing foreign languages.

Present this award to a staff that can translate or speaks at least three languages.

Angry Bird Award/Stop Shouting Award

This is for the employee that gets angry quickly. Sometimes, these employees are strict and expect others to do things a certain way. So, if those things are not done the way they want, they are prone to anger.

For the Stop Shouting Award, present it to the staff that usually sends messages in all caps.

The Clock Watcher Award

You do not need to check the time; just watch out for this staff. They are the first to pack once it is closing time.


Immediately it is lunchtime; they are gone from their desk.

Office Beautician Award

By their make-up, you shall know them. They are the office beautician, always keeping up with the latest fashion and skincare trends.

It is not unusual to find their bags packed with make-up kits.

Consult them whenever you need advice for a new hair or skincare product; their service is free.


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