3 Things You Didn’t Know That Can Be Developed in a Lab

  • High-demand, low-supply products grown in a lab? Yes, please…

Did you know that it’s possible to create diamonds–real diamonds–in a laboratory? Rather than being a figment of someone’s wild imagination, it’s actually true.

You no doubt know that mining companies build mines to extract diamonds from the earth. They buy vast plots of land, get the necessary approvals, set up shop, and use heavy equipment to dig into the ground and harvest diamonds. It’s an expensive and time-consuming process that can harm the environment. Deforestation is one problem.

But the high-tech way to create diamonds is to grow them in specially equipped laboratories. The diamonds that are created are real diamonds in every sense of the word. The only difference between lab created diamonds and mined diamonds is how they’re made. On the one hand, mined diamonds are formed underground. On the other hand, lab created diamonds are formed in labs.

Are you interested in learning about things that you probably didn’t know can be developed in a laboratory? Indeed, some of them are still in the development stage. But the progress so far has been quite interesting. Keep reading to learn more about loose lab created diamonds, lab created blood, and lab created wood. 


Lab-Created Diamonds

Do you know how mined diamonds are formed under the earth? They’re created when underground carbon deposits are subject to intense temperature and pressure. Mining companies then dig huge holes in the ground to get the diamonds. 

Loose lab created diamonds are created in specially equipped labs. High-end technology replicates the way diamonds are created underground, and they’re less expensive than mined diamonds. They can be up to 30% cheaper. So, if you’re in the market for a diamond engagement or wedding ring, it makes sense to buy one with a lab made diamond.


Lab-Created Blood

Lab-created blood is still a work in progress as scientists have struggled to create blood cells in a laboratory. A few years ago, researchers presented studies showing different ways to transform human pluripotent stem cells into human blood stem cells. Again, it’ll take time before whole blood products can be made in a lab. But the progress so far suggests that scientists will eventually get there. Imagine a time when there’ll be no more need to ask people to donate blood? When lab created blood becomes a reality, meeting the needs of people who require blood transfusions will be relatively easy.


Lab-Created Wood

Did you know that 8 billion trees are cut down every year? Deforestation is real. What if there was a way to create wood in laboratories so that fewer trees need to be cut down each year? 

An MIT PhD student is part of a team that has shown that lab-grown wood isn’t merely something in the realm of the impossible. It may be coming soon to a showroom near you. In their research, the scientists cultivated live plant cells. They were able to coax these cells into wood-like materials. A couple of plant hormones were used to get the cells to make an organic polymer that is responsible for the firmness of wood. The scientists then used a gel matrix to dictate the cellular expansion. It’s possible that this technology, as it develops, will eventually be able to grow wood-like things that take any shape desired, like coffee tables or chairs.

We’re living in exciting times. Whether it’s diamonds, blood, or wood, lab made products are real. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg because many other specialties are being developed in labs. It’ll be interesting to see what the years ahead will bring as research continues.


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