5 Tips to Help Your Employees Embrace Tech

  • Deploying business technology, these days, isn’t just a good idea, it’s often mission critical…

It’s nearly impossible to run a successful business these days without some reliance on technology. But in order for technology to be a net positive for your business, your team must be willing and able to use it.


Simple Ways to Get Your Team Onboard with Tech

As time passes, the workforce becomes less reluctant to adopt automated technology. Every new worker that joins the workforce is a digital native – i.e. someone who has grown up with technology. And each worker that phases out with retirement is someone who spent the majority of their career without the internet, the cloud, mobile devices, SaaS, etc. 

So while it’s technically getting easier to introduce technology into the workforce, it still comes with friction if you aren’t prepared. Here are several tips for easier onboarding and greater efficiency when it comes to adopting new technology.


Choose the Right Tools

It all starts with choosing the right tools. If you’re trying to integrate complex technology that your team doesn’t believe in (or doesn’t want to use), good luck! You’re fighting an uphill battle that you might not win. The key is to choose tools that are intuitive and perceived by your teams as being valuable and useful. 

It’s also important to choose a tool that integrates well into your existing technology stack. In other words, don’t choose something that’s going to operate in a silo. Cetaris fleet maintenance is a great example. This platform, which is designed for fleet management purposes, seamlessly integrates with over 150 third-party tools to eliminate information silos and make it easy to share data.


Listen to Your Employees

There are certain tools that you know are necessary from a leadership or management perspective. Then there are other technology and tools that are designed specifically for your employees to use and benefit from. When it comes to tools that your employees are using in their day-to-day processes, it’s a good idea to let them have some say. 

If you listen carefully, your employees will tell you where they need help. They’ll open up about their biggest pain points and sources of frustration. They’ll also tell you what they want in software or technology. 

When you listen to your employees and let them tell you what they need, you never have to worry about adoption. They’ll embrace new technology with open arms. They’ll even bend over backward to help you integrate it successfully. 


Invest in Proper Training

No matter how intuitive a piece of software or technology is, never assume that your team is automatically equipped to use it. Proper training is a must. 

The best training is hands-on. While passive training – like watching videos or reading manuals – can work, your team will get the most out of actually sitting down and using the software, tool, or equipment. 


Incentivize Performance

Get your staff excited to use new technology by rewarding performance with incentives. This will look different for every tool, team, and application; however, don’t underestimate the power of incentivizing. 

Incentives don’t have to mean monetary rewards. In fact, you may find other types of rewards more powerful. This includes simple things like paid time off, awards, recognition, and perks like casual dress or the ability to work remotely.


Use Gamification

Gamification, which is the process of introducing game-like features to a business process, works in much the same way that incentives do.

The idea behind gamifying technology use is to turn the experience into something that people are excited about. You can think of gamification as making technology fun. It’s particularly effective when you have people who are very competitive on your team.

One easy way to gamify software use is to reward people for using a specific tool. You can keep a leaderboard and provide rewards when individuals (or teams) are ranked first over a determined period of time. 


Adding it All Up

Technology is the fuel to sustained success in any industry moving forward. While there will always be a need for people, your people must understand how to use technology in order to be successful. More importantly, they must be willing to embrace new technology as part of what it takes to accomplish key business goals and objectives. If you can get your team onboard, good things will happen.


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