7 Best Ways to Get More Instagram Followers in 2021

Hi there! For all the photogenic people and selfie lovers out there, Instagram is the ideal social media platform. From being just a networking hub, it has become a marketing platform for individuals, brands, businesses, and celebrities. However, reaching the top spot is certainly a herculean task and involves dealing with complexities. Moreover, the high number of individuals targeting the same audience base and niche will lower your chances of success.

So, what’s the catch? We have found the perfect solution for you. Our team has discovered the 7 best ways to get more Instagram followers in 2021. Whether you are looking for Instagram likes or followers, Instagram growth hacks galore for each category. This article puts into practice the top 7 strategies that will organically boost your Instagram profile and get you more followers. It will drive the necessary engagement required for growing your account to the highest level. These techniques are proven that will improve your Instagram ranking with a high engagement rate and CTR. Alternatively, you can buy Instagram followers


Instagram Reels 

Welcome to Instagram Reels. Reels are the perfect choice for people who want to become real-life heroes. The biggest perk that this feature offers is unrestricted access to all users. This implies you just require a public account for sharing Reels that can be discovered by each user on Instagram, even a non-follower. You can leverage out-of-the-box ideas including behind-the-scenes and product teaser videos for maximizing your reach. Apart from this, you can work on other ground-breaking ideas and make your content go viral. Make Reels your ideal companion to increase engagement on Instagram. 


Brand Collaborations

For beginners or starters, Instagram may pose some engagement challenges. The intense competition on the social media platform may sometimes drive away people from your business as they look for other established players. However, Brand Collaborations has come as a game changer that flips the entire scene. You are free to partner with a big player in your industry or niche and target the right audience. As per analytics, the brand-by-brand partnership can double the organic reach of a business. Nevertheless, it is relatively inexpensive compared to digital advertising. In addition to these, you can invest in story takeovers, giveaways, competitions, or content collaborations.


Post Optimization 

Perhaps the social media engagement game is incomplete without Optimization. Optimization is a principle that should always be followed for extraordinary results. Your posts will certainly fail to achieve their purpose if they are not optimized. Just increase your focus on quality content and create a strategy. A diverse range of content would certainly help you. From the usual graphics to videos and carousels, everything will suffice. This will give you an edge while tracking your metrics. Remember to use a call to action and influence your fans for buying your offerings. 


Website Promotion of Your Account 

Get ready to promote your business the way it’s meant to be. This method will increase your engagement on Instagram. The best part about this technique is that it is fail proof and is simple to implement. Embed your Instagram feed on your website with the help of plugins, code embeds, etc. You can take the assistance of third-party website builders for eye-catching templates.  


Regular Posting of Content 

Content is the king of the digital market. But this king rules with authority only under certain circumstances. You must maintain the optimum frequency of your posts to drive engagement and traffic. Your quality content should break through the entire social media chain and emerge as the clear winner. Most marketers follow the daily posting rule. Advanced users generally schedule their posts and create a content calendar for the same. Manage everything with the right tools. 


Curate Content that Grabs Attention 

The words ‘attractive’, ‘eye-catching’, and ‘engaging’ are not merely letters. These are a complete universe that gives infinite growth opportunities. Hence, get ready to understand the tastes and preferences of your followers and engage effectively with them for high growth on Instagram. Perhaps, you can go through the posts of your audience to understand what they like. 


Sharing and Caring Go Together

After you have performed all the above steps, it’s time to show some love to your fans. We know your audience is your Instagram family. Hence, they must feel elated at all times. Share their precious moments to develop brand loyalty. Showcase your generous nature today and win their hearts. This tip will surely increase engagement on Instagram and increase your followers count.  

What are you waiting for? Create your content calendar and formulate a winning strategy for exceptional growth and take your Instagram account to the next level. 


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