AAC Commish Wants BCS Back

Depending on the person you talk to right now, there is a lot of opinion about the effectiveness of the College Football Playoff. From the point of view of the Clemsons and Alabamas, they are, quite obviously, in love with it. But from the viewpoint of Cincinnati, Coastal Carolina, and others, that love isn’t so great. That’s where the American Athletic Conference’s (Cincinnati’ conference) Commissioner Michael Aresco stands. In fact, he’s adamant that a return to the old way is imperative.

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He wants to the BCS back, and he even admits that he never thought he’d make such a claim. This comes on the heels of the 8-0 Bearcats falling spots this past week in the rankings despite not having played. On top of that, they are behind three two-loss teams, drawing even more ire from smaller schools that feel locked out of the party, so to speak. While the chances of the BCS making a return are very low, this does merit conversation and could well lead to the expansion of the CFP. Hopefully if that does occur, it would give a small, undefeated school a road to at least have a chance.

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