Aldi Customer ‘Put Off Eggs For Life’ After Finding ‘Embryo’ In Egg

Many people like to ignore what some food actually consists of (or at least, they prefer to file the information away in a lesser-used part of their brain).

Take an egg for example – if fertilised, a chick can hatch from it. Yes, it’s uncommon to find anything ‘growing’ in a shop-bought egg, but let’s not divert from its actual purpose, shall we? And no, I’m not vegan before you ask.

But when people started claiming that Annele Piercy’s egg had an ‘umbilical cord’ attached to it, Aldi was quick to put them straight.

Hens’ eggs don’t have such a feature.

Annele Piercy's egg bought from Aldi. Credit: Deadline News
Annele Piercy’s egg bought from Aldi. Credit: Deadline News

Annele, 39, posted a snap of the egg showing a perfect yolk with an oddly-shaped string-like substance within the white.

When people started jumping to incorrect conclusions, Aldi was quick to point out that it was actually a naturally-occurring part of the egg which has been made more prominent by going through the cooking process.

A spokesman said: “It categorically is not an embryo. Our supplier only keeps female hens, making it impossible for this egg to become fertilised.”

The eggs Annele Piercy bought from Aldi. Credit: Deadline News
The eggs Annele Piercy bought from Aldi. Credit: Deadline News

Annele, from Durham, had posted the weird image on Twitter, along with the caption: “This is what I found in my eggs that I bought. Put off eggs for life.”

According to the Sun, she purchased the eggs from the budget supermarket on 4 November at the Tyne and Wear branch.

Following the social media post, people started getting in touch with Annele. One said: “God. It looks like the umbilical cord.”

Another wrote: “Omg. What on earth is that?”

Annele said: “I will not use eggs in the future. I felt so sick. I had my bacon in the pan so it all went in the bin. I did show it to my young children who were in shock and said I cooked a baby.

“I have just started Slimming World and eggs are a free food so I was excited for my breakfast.”

She continued: “I put my bacon and tomatoes in the pan and cooked them for a bit, then I was ready for my eggs. I cracked the egg into the pan with my bacon.

“Eww. To my horror it turned my stomach out in the pan. It was a baby embryo of a baby chick. I couldn’t even look at it, from now on I will stick to bran flakes.”

But a spokesman for Aldi today confirmed: “What Ms Piercy’s photograph shows is a naturally occurring part of the egg, which has become more prominent during cooking. We have spoken to Ms Piercy and she has accepted a full refund.”

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