Aldi shopper’s mind blown after making little-known price discovery thanks to ‘glitch’

An Aldi shopper has gone viral on social media after sharing an unexpected discovery she made during a recent visit to her local store – and it turns out many people also didn’t know about it

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TikTok user makes discovery in Aldi

When it comes to Aldi, there are several things we know to be true – the middle aisle is full of weird and wonderful items you never knew you needed and you’re likely to bag yourself a bargain by shopping there.

However, there’s one new fact about the aisles that has blown people’s minds – and it’s all to do with the price labels on shelves.

An Aldi shopper has gone viral on social media after sharing the unexpected discovery she made while completing her grocery haul in the budget retailer.

The woman, named Jenna, was walking along an aisle when she noticed that one of the price labels on a shelf was flashing.

The woman was gobsmacked to find the prices weren’t made of paper


jennatheravenuk / TikTok)

Instead they were screens and this one was glitching


jennatheravenuk / TikTok)

Posting a video to TikTok under the name @jennatheravenuk, she proclaimed that her “entire life has been a lie” as she’d always thought the price labels were simply pieces of paper.

However, she could clearly see that the ones in her store were small digital screens, as one was glitching right in front of her.

Jenna said: “Oh god my entire life has been a lie, did anyone else think the prices in Aldi were pieces of paper?

“Because I was today years old when I found out that they’re screens.

“And I only figured this out today because there was a glitch on one of them. Is this every shop or is it just Aldi? Did anyone else know this and I’m just behind? Honestly, my mind is blown. Truly blown.”

The Aldi customer captioned the clip writing: “I feel like I’ve discovered one of the secrets of the universe.”

More than four million people have since watched the TikTok video, with it garnering over 286,000 likes and more than 8,000 comments.

Some people were equally as gobsmacked as Jenna by this piece of information, with one person saying: “Wait… what?!”

Another wrote: “SORRY WHAT???”

“I beg your pardon,” posted another disbelieving user, while someone else just proclaimed: “OH MY GOD”.

However, a few people claimed to already know about it, with someone else sharing: “They’ve recently updated to electronic price cards for ease.”

While a different customer added that it was just Aldi that used this type of pricing method.

The Mirror has contacted Aldi for comment.

Did you know about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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