Antivirus Pioneer John McAfee Found Dead In Prison Cell

(Louis Lanzano/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Antivirus software creator John McAfee, 75, has died after committing suicide in his prison cell in Barcelona, Spain.

McAfee was found dead and hanging in his cell on Wednesday afternoon, according to Reuters and a local newspaper report, which cites Spain’s Justice Department. 

His death occurred after a Spanish high court authorized McAfee’s extradition to the US. Last year, he was arrested in the country after US prosecutors unsealed an indictment charging McAfee with tax evasion. 

McAfee is perhaps best known for founding the antivirus provider McAfee back in 1987. The company went on to become a major brand in the IT security industry. However, McAfee himself left the business back in 1994. 

His life took some bizarre twists and turns when in 2012 McAfee was wanted for questioning over a murder case in Belize. In 2013, he also released an infamous NSFW video on how to uninstall McAfee antivirus, which featured guns, cocaine and women.

He was also a vocal supporter of cryptocurrencies through his Twitter account. But last October, the Justice Department indicted McAfee for committing a “pump-and-dump” scheme with several cryptocurrencies. According to federal investigators, he allegedly bought the touted currencies for cheap, and then sold them off at inflated prices, due to his Twitter followers following his investment advice. 

The US also charged McAfee for failing to pay taxes on his cryptocurrency earnings. If convicted of all the charges, he could have faced decades in prison time. 

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In one of his last tweets, McAfee protested the US’s attempts to seize his assets. “I have nothing. Yet, I regret nothing,” he said.

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