Are Bachelor in Paradise’s Eliza Isichei and Aaron Bryant Still Together? Relationship Status

Bachelor in Paradise fans got to watch Eliza Isichei and Aaron Bryan develop a strong relationship during season 9. While they were one of the front runners on the show, fans are now wondering if they’re still together today?

When Did Eliza and Aaron Start Dating on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

Both Aaron and Eliza arrived during week 1, though he first hit it off with Mercedes Northup. After Aaron got to know Mercedes and they shared a kiss, he had a change of heart and chose to pursue a relationship with Eliza.

Aaron initially kept his short romance with Mercedes a secret from Eliza, though she eventually found out and was worried she would be in a love triangle like she was during season 8.


Eliza later went on a date with John Buresh. She admitted to enjoying her time, though said she was frequently thinking about Aaron throughout the night and wanted to be with him.

What Problems Did Eliza and Aaron Face on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

While the couple seemed happy with their decision to pursue a relationship, drama ensued during the November 9 episode when Eliza learned that Aaron allegedly had a girlfriend when he appeared on Charity Lawson’s season of The Bachelorette.

She confronted him about the claims, though he denied that he was dating his ex when he joined the franchise. “I had an ex last year,” Aaron explained at the time. “We broke up in August right before her birthday because of the toxicity in our relationship. She’s been trying to put my name out there because she thinks that I broke up with her to go on the show when the truth is I had not been talking to her since August. I got the call in December.”

He added that he started seeing someone else after that breakup, though their romance “ended things in October.”

“Actually, she stopped seeing me a couple times. So, it was kind of, like, on and off — not really, like, official boyfriend and girlfriend. But she decided to end things over text with me two days after New Year’s, and that was in January,” he continued. “So, the fact that she says that I broke up with her to go on the show and that I had two girlfriends at once is just zero percent true.”

Did Eliza and Aaron Get Engaged on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

During the season finale on December 7, both Aaron and Eliza professed their love for each other. However, Eliza admitted she was “nervous” because she only wants to get engaged once.

Are Bachelor in Paradise’s Eliza Isichei and Aaron Bryant Still Together? Relationship Status

The couple then spent the night together in the fantasy suite before they got engaged.

Are Bachelor in Paradise’s Stars Eliza and Aaron Still Together?

Aaron and Eliza have not yet confirmed if they’re still together following their engagement. However, the montage at the end of the finale episode stated that they hit roadblocks and are working to improve their relationship.

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