Bacon Day is December 30th and You Should Celebrate it

  • If you love bacon, that is. Otherwise, carry on.

There are very few people who don’t like bacon and there are so many ways to cook and eat with bacon. Bacon Day is in two days, so here are a bunch of ways to celebrate the deliciousness that is bacon. (And some bacon facts.)


Bacon by itself is just as delicious as it is with anything else. Do you agree? And the crispier the better for some people while still others are in love with that not quite cooked, fatty, white bacon. (Yuck!) To each their own. Pro tip: Have you ever made your bacon in the oven? It’s easy with a set it and forget it mentality (as long as you set a timer, too.) The bacon cooks evenly and it’s an easy clean-up too, especially if you cover your cooking pan with foil or parchment paper!

Candied Bacon

Bacon can go with sweet and when it does, boy can it be delicious. My dad cooks every pan of bacon with some sugar, so I definitely grew up with this. But adding honey and even a sprinkle of cayenne or red pepper flakes can really spice up this meat and give it a delicious, savory, and sweet bite, all in one.

Bacon-Wrapped Hotdog

Why not take some nitrite-filled meat and wrap it with some more nitrite-filled meat, throw it on a bun and call it a meal? What do you think about this for bacon day? Take a hotdog and wrap a piece of bacon around it. Secure the bacon with a toothpick and make sure not to double wrap the bacon, as it won’t cook all the way. (Then again, if you’re one that likes that not all the way cooked, soggy and fatty bacon, by all means, double and triple wrap that thing.) From there, season if desired and cook in the oven until the bacon is done to your preference. Add your bacon hotdog to your bun, with some jalapenos and any other condiments you like, and enjoy.

Bacon Drinks

Not only are there liquors out there that taste like bacon, but there are also drinks that you can add actual bacon to. The Bloody Mary is one of them. What aren’t they adding to Bloody Marys these days? Some come with a slice of pizza, a chicken wing, and even a burger stuck in with a huge skewer. But for the more typical bloody, bacon, celery, a beef stick would be a delicious combination.

Bacon Sweets

Did you know that bacon goes with sweets, too? It makes sense when you think about the salty, savory of bacon and people that like salty and sweet as a combination. Case in point, maple bacon donuts, among many others. These aren’t just bacon-flavored either, but instead a long john (or circular donut with no hole) is topped with maple-flavored glaze and then two, sometimes three, pieces of bacon are placed on top. Are you going to try this for bacon day?

Bacon Facts:

Depending on where you are, your bacon might come from a different part of the pig. For instance, if you live in Canada or the United States, your bacon comes from pork belly. Other countries use the side and back cuts of pork for bacon.

Bacon is then cured in either a salt brine or a salt pack, and from there either dried, boiled, or smoked.

The phrase “bringing home the bacon” came from the 12th century. It’s said that a church in England offered a side of bacon to any man who could swear before the church that he had not fought or quarreled with his wife for a year and a day. This distinction made a man who could “bring home the bacon” was highly respected in his community.

If you love bacon, then bacon day on December 30th is for you! What will you try for bacon day?





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