Beal Ruled Out Of Orlando

The Washington Wizards’ once very unlikely chance of making the playoffs looked like they had turned to ‘reasonable’ when the NBA announced its intentions for the completion of the 2020 season. The 24-40 team, the worst team to be invited to the ‘bubble’ in Orlando, only needs to stay within four games of the eighth-seeded team to force a play-in, giving them a good chance at making a playoff run despite being pretty woeful.

Blazer’s Edge

While they still do technically have that chance now, it will be much tougher without star guard Bradley Beal. Beal will be sidelined from the finish of the season due to a shoulder injury, causing him to join the likes of John Wall and Davis Bertrans (both of which are choosing to sit out) in not being there. This, presumably, gives them a very small shot at doing much of anything. Some claim that Beal may be claiming an injury that is not there, while others state he just doesn’t want to get further injured for a potential run that is just not going to conceivably end with a title.

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