Beauty expert shares ‘game-changing’ hack for perfecting your blusher placement

Blusher can be a really tricky thing to get right because you don’t want to apply too much, or not enough – but one make-up artist has revealed the perfect ‘L’ trick to help you get it right

woman putting on makeup
The ‘L’ trick ensures your blusher will always be in the correct place (Stock Image)

Blusher is one of those make-up items that can be a little bit daunting. Without it, your complexion may look a little flat or dull, but if you’re not sure about how to apply it, your beauty look can go from zero to clown-ish very quickly. The blush questions are seemingly endless: should you put blusher on the apples of your cheeks? On the cheekbones? Next to your eyes? Nobody ever really seems to have the answer or know the perfect way to apply.

Thankfully, one beauty guru seems to have the answer as a clever blush placement hack has been circulating online with many make-up buffs singing its praises. Beauty pro Criss Scortezz took to TikTok to try the hack that had originally been posted by Angela Lanter. In the original video, Angela places her hand into an L shape on her face to ensure that her blusher is put in the perfect place.

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To get the blush in the desired area you place the ‘L’ shape on your face, positioning your thumb at the corner of your nose. Once your hand is in the correct position, you can apply your blusher in the corner of the L.

When Criss gave it a go, he was shocked, saying “this is something I can get behind”, when referring to the hack.

In the video, Criss blended the blush until it looked natural on his face before saying ‘mhmmm’ in response to the way it looks.

“This works because you’re cupping your cheekbone”, Criss explained.

He continued: “If you don’t want to do the hand, just look between your brow and your eye and then you’re placing it right there.”

The beauty buff gave the hack a ‘big yes’, particularly if you’re learning how to do make-up.

People said the hack made their make-up game even better, with one writing: “Literally did this today AND WHY DID IT CHANGE MY ENTIRE MAKEUP GAME!”

In the comments, Criss also explained that you should apply “bronzer first then blush, you basically layer everything.”

“Have been using this technique for years”, another wrote.

One TikToker commented: “Oh I do this to emphasise my cheekbones without looking puffy!”

Would you try this blusher hack? Let us know in the comments.

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