Bengals all-white uniforms, explained: What to know about ‘White Bengal’ alternate helmets, jerseys

Some of the coolest alternate jerseys in the NFL are going to look even cooler Thursday.

The Cincinnati Bengals will be debuting their alternate helmets against the Dolphins, which will top off an all-white look for the defending AFC champions. The helmets will complement the Bengals’ color rush uniforms, which have become a staple of the Bengals’ wardrobe.

The game, which will be played in Cincinnati, is going to have a distinctly white-out feel.

Why will the Bengals have all white jerseys?

When the NFL rolled out color rush uniforms in 2015, color vs. color games were an optional thing for teams. In 2016, they were mandated.

But while most teams went for solid block looks of their primary colors, several went with white jerseys instead. Among them were the Raiders, the Saints, the Giants, the Cowboys, the Packers, and of course the Bengals.

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Cincinnati’s jerseys in particular turned heads, with the strips providing a cool accent to the white jerseys. The orange helmets, however, threw the look off a bit.

After the color rush was officially discontinued in 2018, the Bengals kept their white jerseys as an official alt.

Why can the Bengals wear white helmets?

The NFL banned secondary helmets in 2013 because of safety concerns.

In 2022, however, the league brought back the ability for teams to don a second lid. 13 teams did so, including the Bengals.

The Bengals opted to complete the white-out look with a white lid.

It’s kind of the final form of the Bengals’ color rush jerseys. They’re one of the few teams keeping that initiative alive at this point.

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