Bengaluru Man’s Rapido Rider Arrives On A Royal Enfield And He Was A…

Bengaluru Man's Rapido Rider Arrives On A Royal Enfield And He Was A...

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A Bengaluru-based software engineer who had booked a ride with Rapido experienced a delightful surprise when his assigned rider arrived on a Royal Enfield Hunter motorcycle. However, the unexpected encounter didn’t conclude there; it was revealed that the Rapido captain was also a software engineer with a shared enthusiasm for motorcycling.

Recounting his unique encounter, Nishit Patel took to the microblogging platform X to share the exceptional incident. He detailed how he had arranged a Rapido ride for his journey to a Kubernetes meetup.

What made the experience truly remarkable was not just the high-end motorcycle that arrived for the ride, but the fact that the Rapido captain himself turned out to be a DevOps engineer working at a company responsible for overseeing enterprise Kubernetes clusters. Evidently, this occurrence appeared to be just another ordinary day in India’s technology hub.

“You won’t believe the crazy Peak Bengaluru moment I had today! On my way to a Kubernetes meetup, my Rapido captain pulled up on a Royal Enfield Hunter. Turns out he’s a DevOps engineer at a company managing enterprise Kubernetes clusters. Just another day in India’s tech capital,” he wrote.

The incident entertained Twitter users to such an extent that it garnered over 6,000 views. Several users left intriguing comments in connection to the incident.

“Did you ask his turnover from the side business?” asked one user. In response, Nishit Patel stated, “Nah, now I realise I should have asked him.”

“So what? In Ahmedabad, since the last 5 years, there have been many OLA, Uber, and Rapido riders driving with RE and even Harley Davidson too,” commented another user.

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