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Bethenny Frankel Sobs As Ex Jason Hoppy’s ‘Taunting’ FaceTime Plays In Court

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Bethenny Frankel and her ex-husband Jason Hoppy appeared in New York court this morning, March 25 to face off once again in their never-ending custody battle, and the Real Housewives of New York star was in tears just minutes into the tense hearing, RadarOnline.com can exclusively report.

The 48-year-old took the stand to answer her attorney Ronnie Schindel‘s questions about co-parenting Bryn, 8 — and to play a 2015 FaceTime call she claims showed her ex “taunting” her.

“I have a video that happened on May 9, 2015, and it was Mother’s Day weekend, and Bryn’s birthday weekend. The circumstances were I was trying to FaceTime Bryn, and [as] I have experienced every day, Jason [was] using it as a tool to harass me and assault me,” Frankel told the court through tears, as boyfriend Paul Bernon watched in support.

In the FaceTime, Frankel asked, “Can I talk to Bryn for a sec?”

Hoppy responded: “No keep recording me, keep recording me, you lost your privilege when you began recording me.”

After the FaceTime played in court, Frankel said Hoppy used the calls to “abuse” her.

“Jason would use FaceTime calls to taunt me, abuse me,” she cried. “Just basic torture and and taunting every day. ‘Is everything okay Bethenny? You seem upset Bethenny. Did you have a bad day Bethenny?’”

She went on to say Hoppy was often “shirtless” or “without clothes” in the FaceTime calls, which made her feel uncomfortable.

The mom claimed the tension had a “dramatic affect” on her relationship with Bryn.

“Until something stops you don’t realize how traumatic and damaging it is,” she said, crying. “When that person is arrested, you’re sleeping better, you’re not stressed. You’re physically more psychological healthy. You’re not a wreck all the time. It’s like you can have a slightly normal life and you’re more connected with Bryn because you’re not in a panic about what will happen with the emails.”

As Radar previously reported, Hoppy was arrested for stalking and harassment against his ex-wife in January 2017. (The case was eventually dismissed.)

Still, earlier this month in court, she accused him of being “emotionally violent.”

Today in court, Frankel said she wanted “more physical time,” and “ultimate decision-making” authority.

“Decision making has been impossible and tedious and not a collaborative or rational or reasonable process,” she explained. “And the decisions, the minor decisions, go on with email and bogged down in anger, and we can’t get anything minor done. And now Bryn is getting to the age, that as she gets older there is the physical, and medical, and God forbid, drugs, we have to be rational and reasonable and have good judgment.”
“Jason will make decision about how he would hurt me. If I say black, he will say white.”

For more on the explosive trial, keep reading Radar.

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