Big Ten Football To Begin In October


After weeks and weeks of protests, the Big Ten has reversed its decision to not play college football in the fall of 2020. They have now, at the last possible moment, put together a plan for an eight-game season, and that will begin toward the end of October. Eight games will be played by each conference team in eight weeks, leaving no time for postponements for various reasons.

NY Post

That gives them just enough time to have a conference title game, meaning they will just about be able to get a team to qualify for the College Football Playoff this go-around. Previously, it had looked like spring football was their only hopes, but the tide changed as all kinds of people, including athletes, parents, and even politicians got involved. On August 11th, 11 of the 14 schools had voted to postpone, but the numbers were unanimous to return, showing just how much the ‘court of public opinion’ has swayed the matter.

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