Boogie In H-Town: Cousins Joins Rockets

The last couple of seasons have been very tough on DeMarcus ‘Boogie’ Cousins. The former All-Star center has had injury issues that have caused him to go from one of the best, most productive bigs in the game to riding the bench often. But he will hope to change that this coming season when he joins the Houston Rockets. The deal, according to sources, is said to be a one-year deal for the league minimum simply due to the fact that his health is a big question mark.

USA Today

Cousins was due to be a free agent in 2018, and a highly sought after one at that, but he ended up getting injured and signed for Golden State, where he played very little basketball, for a much smaller amount than he’d typically be worth. He rarely played, so he ended up moving to the Lakers last season, where once again, injuries crept in and minimized his ability. It is a calculated gamble for the Rockets, but if it pays off then they will look like geniuses and if it doesn’t then there will be very little harm. He is very capable; it’s just a matter if he can be on the court consistently or not.

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