Boss declines ‘superstar’ employee’s promotion as they disapprove of her affair

A boss has made the decision to reject their “superstar” employee’s promotion, despite their stellar work performance, as they didn’t approve of her cheating on her husband with his stepbrother

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A boss has recently been left facing a dilemma when considering whether or not to promote a “superstar” employee, being unimpressed with how she conducts herself outside of the office. According to this manager, their employee – who they refer to only as ‘E’ – cheated on her husband, ‘J’, who they also happen to be on friendly terms with.

The affair is said to be an “extremely messy” business, and involved E being unfaithful with J’s much-loathed stepbrother. To make matters worse, she doesn’t appear to have any remorse for her actions, and is said to even find the situation “amusing.” The unnamed boss has watched the drama play out on social media, and says J has been posting “some rather spicy receipts” online which show E in a “rather spiteful and manipulative.”

An opportunity recently came up at their place of work which they feel E would be perfect for, professionally speaking. However, in light of her alleged behaviour outside working hours, they’ve begun to think twice.

Taking to Reddit, the divided manager – who goes by the username u/dread_pirate_t – wrote: “A new role came up on my team recently, it would effectively triple E’s salary and advance her career. Pre-affair I already had her in mind for the job and would have rubber-stamped her promotion.

“Instead I promoted her deputy to the role. I did this because I feel I, and the company, really need to be able to trust the members of senior management and she’s shown herself to be inherently untrustworthy.”

One of their peers isn’t happy about their trepidation on this front, arguing that personal issues should never cloud a person’s judgment in matters of business. With this in mind, they’ve now reached out to fellow Reddit users to gauge how other people would feel in this sort of situation.

One person completely saw where they were coming from, advising: “Upper management is the face of a company, needs to be trustworthy, and have the decorum to not put themselves in situations that could potentially compromise the public image of the company.”

However, others encouraged them to tread carefully until they know both sides of the story, with another person noting: “Hang on though, I thought you said that the husband was the one posting revenge-y stuff on socials, not her?

“I feel like her private life is private. Was he the one who exposed her affair to the company (presumably to torpedo her chances of promotion) or did they both do it? Like back and forth.

“If the latter, then yeah, that’s not something that is very professional. If the former, then this veers into making moral judgments about a woman’s private life. An affair is a horrible thing to do, but it’s not relevant to work.”


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