Braves Hang On To Win 22-Run Slugfest


Most of the time a Major League Baseball team that has a ten-run inning is going to end up winning the game comfortably. However, that was not the case for the Atlanta Braves on Sunday night when they took on the Philadelphia Phillies in primetime. Austin Riley was the main act in the top of the second inning, hitting a double and a home run while racking up three RBIs.

The Edwardsville Intelligencer

This helped give them what looked like an indestructible 10-0 lead. The problem was that the Phillies were not interested in lying down. Over the course of the next two innings, they got one and six runs respectively to make it 10-7. A Jean Segura double in the fourth got them to within two before Marcell Ozuna made it 11-8. Two homers in the bottom of the eighth made it 11-10, with Andrew McCutchen following up Roman Quinn’s shot. But, as he tends to do, Dansby Swanson hit a homer in the top of the ninth to give the Braves a bit of insurance, and they would hang on to win one of the wildest games of the season by a score of 12-10.

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