Bride accused of being ‘greedy’ after asking for money for ‘tiered’ wedding system

A wedding guest has left people stunned after sharing the details of an invite they received from a couple, inviting them to join in their big day – but only if they contribute money

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The wedding has a tiered system (stock photo)

It’s no secret that weddings can be pretty expensive, with a venue, outfits, food, drink, photos and more to pay for. Some people decide to celebrate on the cheap with no frills, but others go all out on their special day. One couple recently left their guest shocked after they used their wedding save the dates to ask for contributions to cover the costs of their party.

The anonymous guest shared details on Reddit, explaining how the bride and groom had implemented a ‘tiered’ wedding system so that guests who gave more money would get to attend more of the celebrations.

They put the message on their save the dates (stock photo)


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Writing online they posted: “So a couple I know got married and in their save the date invite they mentioned that they did not have the budget for their dream wedding so invited contributions. There was a link and they said they will plan wedding according the amount of contributions. Fine I get it, first of all, they decided to get married abroad and due to work commitments, I didn’t go but made a small contribution and wished them the best.

“Now a few friends of mine went and how they planned their wedding was that you were given a time to attend the wedding and depending on the amount you contributed you were allowed in at a certain time. So people who contributed more attended ceremony and dinner and reception you get the idea.

“But they also asked their friends in the music industry to play at their reception. And here is the kicker if you didn’t make much of a contribution you were invited after the live music in the reception.”

The poster went on to say how this information made their “jaw drop” as they didn’t think it was fair to have a wedding as a “tiered ticketed event”.

Dozens of people responded to the post, sharing their thoughts.

One said: “Asking for money on the save the date. Wow. They have a very different idea of what a wedding is than I do.”

Another replied: “Crowdfunding your wedding is, in and of itself, borderline tacky. But then to determine how much time someone can spend at the reception based on how much they gave? Insanely tacky.”

Someone else wrote: “The only circumstance I could maybe understand crowdfunding your wedding and it not being tacky is if the couple had recently dealt with a tragedy or had to get married sooner/make accommodations for a terminal illness or catastrophic injury. But honestly, I think ‘tacky’ is too kind a word for the whole ‘your entrance time at our wedding/reception based on the size of your gift’ scheme.”

A different user added: “Apparently they didn’t skimp on the audacity budget.”

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