Bride-to-be sacks maid of honour for being a ‘buzz kill’ about hen do strippers

A bride-to-be says she’s had to kick her maid-of-honour out of her wedding party altogether, claiming she was being too much of a “buzz kill” about hiring strippers for the hen do

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Kathy felt some of the hen do activities crossed her boundaries (Stock Photo)

A bride-to-be says she was left dismayed after learning her maid-of-honour wasn’t comfortable with some of the aspects of her hen do, including the hiring of strippers, and has since sacked her for being a “buzz kill.” According to this ticked-off bride, her best friend Kathy, 26, is a professional wedding planner, and so made for an ideal choice when it came to picking her maid-of-honour.

However, with the hen do in just two weeks, Kathy got in touch to say that – although she’d planned everything – she herself wouldn’t be joining in. Shocked, the 27-year-old bride learned from other members of the bridal party that Kathy had “a very valid reason” for bowing out and encouraged her to reach out directly.

The maid-of-honour bowed out of the hen do after arranging it all (Stock Photo)


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Taking to Reddit, the soon-to-be bride – who goes by the username u/Final_Cream6177 – stated that she wasn’t happy at all when she heard Kathy’s explanation and felt she was just being a “buzz kill”.

Turning to fellow Reddit users for advice, she recalled: “I asked her and she replied ‘Look, you’ve made some requests for your bachelorette party and I respect everything you want to do but there are some things there that are off limits for me and some of the stuff such as the strippers I’ve booked for you and some other activities are crossing boundaries regarding me and my own fiancé’s relationship.

“So I made sure to arrange everything perfectly just how you and the girls wanted it to be but sadly it’s not something I want to be involved in. I hope you have the greatest fun’.”

The unnamed bride, who is due to tie the knot in a month, says she was left “truly heartbroken” by Kathy’s admission. Although she initially tried to “suck it up”, as the days went by she became increasingly unhappy with the idea of Kathy not being there, and tried to persuade her to reconsider, to no avail. Then Kathy dropped another bombshell.

The bride says she was “heartbroken” after learning Kathy wouldn’t be joining in (Stock Photo)


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The bride continued: “She later also said that” just to warn me” that she won’t drink any alcohol at the wedding because she doesn’t want to get sick because of it since she’s very lightheaded.

“I got very disappointed and at that moment I straight up told her I don’t want her as a maid of honour if all she’s going to do is be a buzz kill about everything regarding my wedding and how she can attend as a simple guest. She got very upset and thought it was unfair of me excluding her for these reasons.

“The rest of my bridesmaids now also believe that I took it too far and how her skipping the trip for personal or not drink alcohol is not something that would ruin my wedding and I’m just overreacting.”

She’s now wondering whether she might have taken things too far, and a number of Reddit users agree she could have gone about things differently.

One person commented: “She did a fantastic job planning everything for you the way you wanted, even though she wouldn’t get to enjoy it. She was in no way judgmental of what you wanted, just politely bowed out because it was beyond her boundaries.

“But you’ve decided the main criteria for being your friend is enjoying strippers and getting drunk. So good luck with the rest of your adult life and marriage, I’m sure that’s all going to work out great.”

Another advised: “You got the equivalent of hundreds (if not thousands) in free skilled labour and because she has some boundaries and doesn’t want a night out with strippers or get wasted at your wedding you were heartbroken? Oh, do get over yourself.”

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