‘Brother tried to take his wedding pictures at my ceremony – I kicked them out’

The brother had previously eloped with his wife so they never had the chance to do their wedding pictures – but the bride was not happy to see her sister-in-law in a wedding dress on her big day

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She was shocked when she saw them on her wedding day (stock photo)

A woman was left with no other option but to kick her brother and sister-in-law out of her wedding after they turned up in full wedding dress – expecting to take their pictures at the woman’s big day.

The brother had previously asked his sister if they could take their wedding pictures at the reception as they had previously eloped so never have taken proper wedding pictures.

But after the woman refused, she was shocked to see them turn up in full outfits including a white dress – and asked them to leave her big day after they refused to get changed.

Her brother eloped so did not have proper pictures (stock photo)


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Taking to Reddit, the woman explained: “About a week before the event, brother and his wife asked if they could take their wedding pictures as well after our ceremony and during the reception.

“I asked if they meant when everything was over but they clarified that they wanted people in the pictures.”

She went onto say that she understood why they might want this as they eloped but said they could either do it before or after her guests had left as she didn’t want them wearing wedding clothing during her big day.

However, the pair tried to convince her to allow them to do it with all the guests there.

She said: “They tried to convince me to change my mind but I stood my ground with when they could take the pictures and they ended up saying that they didn’t want to take them anymore.

“On the day of the wedding they arrived with a photographer and sister-in-law was wearing a long white dress,” she explained.

“The guests had already arrived, so I told my maid of honour to please tell them to change clothes. They refused so the groomsmen kicked them out.

“I‘m beginning to feel bad because they just wanted to have nice memories and pictures to show in the future and I ruined it for them.”

In response, many have supported the bride and said the brother should not have acted in this way.

One person wrote: “You offered them way more than I would’ve, yet they decided to try and screw you over.”

While another stated: “This is 100% on them, the gall to even ask on your wedding to take pictures? Seriously? You’re being far too nice.”

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