Browns Hold Off Burrow, Bengals

The NFL’s 100th Birthday was celebrated on Thursday night when the Cincinnati Bengals took on the Cleveland Browns. And there will be few similarities between the game back then and the game now. That’s largely because of the stats of losing (rookie) quarterback Joe Burrow. He threw the ball, get this, 61 times in total, completing 37 of those passes for over 300 yards and three touchdowns as his team fell short 35-30 despite a late rally charge.

Dawgs by Nature

Three TD’s were scored in the last six minutes of the game (two for the Bengals and one for the Browns) as the Browns held on to win what some were already calling a ‘must-win’ affair. Baker Mayfield didn’t produce nearly as much as Burrow, but he still had two touchdowns and just over 200 yards in the win. The real star for the Browns was running back Nick Chubb, who added two TD’s on his own as well as 124 yards rushing. That handed coach Kevin Stefanski his first NFL win, and more importantly, it kept them from going in an 0-2 hole that would have made playoffs very unlikely.

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