Burberry Tracksuit And More: UK’s ‘Most Pampered Toddler’ Gets X-MAS Gifts Over Rs 2 lakh

Burberry Tracksuit And More: UK's 'Most Pampered Toddler' Gets X-MAS Gifts Over Rs 2 lakh

The toddler often dons a $900 Versace chain. (Representational Image: Pexels)

For Christmas, a two-year-old toddler, Jareem was gifted designer loungewear worth Rs 35,000, a stay in a winter lodge, a ride-on train, a six-foot dinosaur toy, a golden bracelet, an ET toy, a bike and a robotic cat. Dubbed ‘Britain’s most pampered toddler,’ Jareem had also asked his mother Kasey Akram for a real dolphin, but he had to settle for a holiday to the Canary Islands.

The mother of two has been saving up since May for the splurge for the toddler. “A lot of my family do not celebrate Christmas so this is just for Jareem. He’s got 33 stocking fillers and then I’ve got plenty of presents,’ the full-time mum told Metro.

For Christmas day, he received a Burberry two-piece. That’s not all, she planned a ‘Santa Sleepover’ at Alton Towers.

Not just for Christmas, the two-year-old enjoys a privileged life. He has a $1,200 solid-gold pacifier in his mouth and a $1,100 diamond-encrusted bracelet on his wrist, reported New York Post.

“What Jareem wants Jareem gets – the last pair of shoes I bought myself were [$1.21] Primark flip-flops, and on the same day, I bought him Gucci [sneakers],” added the former model-turned-mom, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, in the UK.

The toddler often dons a $900 Versace chain.

Jareem’s mom bathes him in a tub of milk and honey several times a week.

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