Bureaucrat Shares Video Of Rare Lion-Tailed Monkey, Internet Is Stunned

Bureaucrat Shares Video Of Rare Lion-Tailed Monkey, Internet Is Stunned

The video was posted a few hours ago.

Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officer Supriya Sahu shared a mesmerising video of a rare lion-tailed macaque on Twitter. The bureaucrat also shared interesting facts about this monkey species.

The 57-second video shows a shiny black fur monkey sitting on a tree. The beautiful macaque’s lion-like grey mane has stunned the internet. The video shows the monkey from different angles, in one of the shots the monkey can be seen clinging to a tree while chewing something. The monkey also has big brown eyes.

Along with the video, Ms Sahu called the creature enigmatic and stunning. The caption reads, “Enigmatic, stunning & somewhat mysterious, Lion-tailed Macaques are endemic to the Western Ghats. Highly endangered as only a couple of thousands of them are left. Habitat protection is important for their survival. Here is a rare footage by Senthil Natrajan.”

Watch the video here:

The video was posted a few hours ago, and so far it has amassed nearly 3,000 views on Twitter. A user commented, “Thanks for sharing, please. Hope, the government will consider your suggestion of more habitats for the endangered animal.”

Another user commented, “It is saddening to see the state of these lion-tailed macaques.. Apart from safeguarding their habitat or afforestation, can we look at breeding, considering they reproduce every 1-2 years with single births? We can plan to work collectively, I’d be happy to support the cause.”

The third user wrote, “India needs to preserve its animal kingdom from all types of vagaries, human or natural.”

Lion-tail macaque is also known as bearded monkeys. The monkey species got its name due to its long, thin tails that are furless except for a tuft of hair at the end that resembles a lion.

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