Butler Dominant Late Against Bucks, Harden Leads Rockets Past Lakers

Let’s make sure we get this right. Jimmy Buckets came to play, yet again, on Friday night against the Milwaukee Bucks. Especially late, and that is the reason the Miami Heat are now 3-0 up and in a position where they are surely headed to the Eastern Conference Finals and knocking out the #1 seed along the way. ‘Clutch’ and dominant’ don’t really begin to describe what Butler was able to do down the stretch of the 115-100 win, as he not only led on the court with baskets but also with his intensity and focus.

WXYZ Detroit

That seemed to rub off on the team as he put up 17 of his 30 total points in that closing quarter. On top of that, the team as a whole exploded, scoring 40 points and only allowing 13 from the Bucks. That saw them come from behind and win comfortably, putting the Bucks in a spot where 169 prior teams have been unable to pull themselves out of. Speaking of holes, that’s what the Los Angeles Lakers also find themselves in after Game 1 of their series with the Houston Rockets on Friday night. That is, in large part, down to James Harden showing out like we are used to seeing. There was no lag after going seven games last series for the Rockets, and he showed that with 36 points in the 112-97 victory. Anthony Davis led the Lakers with 25 (and 14 rebounds as well) but it was not enough to prevent them from trailing once more.

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