California carjacking suspect lands in hospital after driver fights him off

A driver won a struggle with a carjacking suspect in Hemet on Monday, April 10, when the driver yanked the intruder out of his truck and the man fell flat on his face, police said.

The victim had parked his truck in the 3000 block of W. Florida Avenue just before 3 p.m. and entered a business with a woman remaining in the front passenger seat, said Alan Reyes, a Police Department spokesman.  The suspect, a man, entered the truck and spoke with the woman before grabbing her arm as she attempted to flee.

As the suspect attempted to drive away, the driver returned and grabbed the suspect in an effort to remove him, Reyes said. The suspect put the truck in reverse and accelerated but the driver pulled him out.

“The suspect sustained a head injury as he landed face-first when removed from the vehicle. The truck eventually came to a rest after colliding with multiple parked cars,” Reyes said.

The suspect was hospitalized and is expected to be charged with carjacking and kidnapping, among other crimes, Reyes said.


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