Can Offshore Betting Give You an Edge?


It will not take you awfully long at all to discover a range of different offshore bookmakers on portals like that will of course offer you a diverse range of betting opportunities on all upcoming sporting events.

However, at the end of the day, it is all about locking in the best possible value when you do set about placing any type of sports related bet, and with that in mind in the following guide I will be highlighting some ways that is possible, but when opting to make use off offshore betting sites and betting apps owned by overseas located bookies.

As always though, just keep in mind you should always take your time when choosing where to bet, for you do have plenty of choice, and no two betting sites are going to be offering you the same features and betting opportunities.

Better Odds Often Available

What you will tend to find is that many offshore sportsbooks will have their own team of odds compilers and as such that does of course mean they are going to be setting their own unique set of odds on each and every single betting opportunity that they make available to their customers.

With that in mind, the savviest sports bettors are going to spend as much time as they need comparing just what odds a range of individual betting sites are offering, on any upcoming sporting events they fancy placing a bet on, with football, basketball and baseball being the most popular ones.

Speed is however important when it comes to securing the best odds, and one tip for those of you that are thinking about betting online is to have accounts opened at several different online or mobile sportsbooks.

By doing so, as, and when you spot any higher than average betting odds being made available to you from any bookie, you can quickly log into your account and secure them, rather than waste time having to sign up to that site, in which time those odds could have dropped in value.

Sports Betting Bonuses Can be a Double Edged Sword

With sign up offers, no end of ongoing betting related bonuses and promotional offers, and the stiff competition between online and mobile betting site operators, if you are prepared to spend some time comparing everything a bookie is going to be offering you, as one of their new customers and as a loyal customer too, you really will find some overly generous bonuses up for grabs.

However, betting bonuses can often be a double edged sword, and therefore it is important that you carefully read through any and all terms and conditions attached and associated with any bonuses you may be thinking about making use of.

Some sports betting related bonuses can and often will lock up any required deposit needed to claim them in high bet through requirements, so please do ensure you familiarize yourself with any and all rules attached to any bonuses you claim.

Some of them many have a maximum cash out limit attached to them too, and those offer poor value, much more so if you are placing bets with your awarded bonus credits which could, if all goes to plan, result in you winning big, as you will have a limit placed on how much you can win and then cash out with such bonuses, with any additional amount over and above those limits being voided out by the betting site operator.

Always Look for Licensed and Regulated Bookies

It is of course up to you as to just which bookies and sportsbooks you sign up to and bet at, however never underestimate the importance of sticking to betting only at those that are fully licensed and regulated.

By doing so if you do experience any problems you do have the Gaming Commission who licenses that betting site at your disposal to help and assist you getting any problems resolved.

Having said that those licensed sportsbooks, are, by their very nature, run and operated to the highest industry standards to the chances of you experiencing any problems are negligible.


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