Can You Find the Cat in Under 30 Seconds? Only 5% of People Can!

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Optical illusions, mind games, and puzzles are fun ways to challenge yourself and your friends and family. The latest one to go viral on the internet is a picture that (apparently) has a cat in it. Can you find the cat in this photo?

Can You Find the Cat in This Photo?

Some optical illusions are harder than others, and this one is definitely tough. Rumour has it, only five percent of people can find the cat in this photo in under 30 seconds, are you one of them? (1)

Check out the video below and see if you can spot it.

Once you’ve found it, share it with your friends and family to see who can spot the cat the quickest. You can brag about just how purrrr-fect your vision is.

Other Eye Games

Want to do more than just find the cat? There are plenty of games like this one that challenges your eyes, your perception, and your brain. If you’re on a roll with the “find the cat” challenge then try your hand (or eyes, rather) at these other brain teasers.

1. Can you see the hidden number?

This one is all about visual perception. Games like it actually teach us a lot about our vision and how our eyes and brain communicate so that we can see.

2. Can you spot the odd one out?

How fast can spot the club amongst all of the spades in each of these eight tests? If yes, you are one of the five percent who can.

3. Can you spot the odd turtle?

One of the turtles in this photo is not exactly the same as the others. If you find it in under 10 seconds, you are one of just 10% of Americans who can.

4. Can you solve this math problem without using a calculator?

Now that most of us carry smartphones, many of us struggle to do even simple math without one. Can you solve this equation without it?

5. Spot the dog

If there’s a ‘find the cat’ there’s got to be one for our canine friends as well. How long will it take you to spot the dog in this sea of polar bears?

6. Spot the difference pictures

If picking out the differences in photos is your thing, you’ll love this. See how well you can find the differences in these 15 pictures.

7. Can you figure out this riddle?

Perhaps picking out the differences in photos is not your forte, then maybe solving riddles is. Can you figure out the answer to this riddle?

Practice Makes Perfect

If you are struggling with nearly all of these, don’t worry. The more you work at them, the more natural they will become. Good luck and have fun!

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