Caravan up for rent in London for £790 a month – but it’s in someone’s garden

A caravan has been put up for rent in London for a staggering £790 a month, it’s pretty small but does have a double bed and all bills are included in the price

A caravan converted into a house
A caravan has been put up for rent in a London garden for £790 a month

A tiny caravan has been put up for rent in a London garden – and it’ll still cost you a whopping £790 a month.

The price of accommodation in the capital has been on the expensive side for quite a while, and one savvy caravan owner decided to cash in and put their mobile home up for rent.

They somehow managed to squeeze in a double bed and a washing machine, and it also has windows and a door so it’s better than some flats that are available.

But it’s not cheap, or not compared to the rest of the country at least, as it will set you back a whopping £790 a month – and it’s a bit of a squeeze inside.

At least it has a double bed


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The caravan comes with a studio-style bedroom and kitchen, and the double bed is crammed in one end of the camper, with the washing machine lodged directly next to it.

Next comes the kitchen – an oven with a hob on top, a small sink and a fridge.

Above the kitchen and bed is cupboard space – which is particularly handy given the lack of wardrobe or drawers.

The property, located on Beechcroft Avenue, is advertised as “cute and available in the heart of Golders Green” and “ideal for a single working professional”.

It’s a caravan alright


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Next to the entrance, there’s a chest of drawers and a portable heater, to keep you warm at night.

At the other side of the caravan is a very compact bathroom, which contains a toilet, small shower, sink and storage cabinets.

Outside, between the garden fence and the entrance to the mobile home, there is a table and chairs for outdoor dining.

Despite being a caravan, the rental costs £790 per month – £266 more than the average UK rental price of £524 and equal to the London average of £794, according to rental website SpareRoom.

Thankfully, however, all bills and Wifi are included for the price.

The caravan requires a deposit of £911.53 which, equivalent to five weeks’ rent, is the maximum legally permitted.

The minimum tenancy is a year – so you’ve got to be confident that caravan life is for you before signing the lease.

The caravan is only open to individuals and allows students.

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