Celtics Clobber Raptors


The Toronto Raptors, to be fair, played pretty terribly on Friday against the Boston Celtics. Anytime you have your highest points scorer only finishing with 13, you know you’ve had issues. While that might be true, though, you can’t take away the Celtics’ performance. Their 122-100 win wasn’t even as close as that might suggest, as they had built up a 40-point edge at one stage.


Jaylen Brown led the way with 20 points and Jayson Tatum had a further 18, all the while coach Brad Stevens was able to give his team a decent amount of rest as well. They were so good that they never trailed in the game. Despite all of that, Stevens has been quick to dismiss their chances moving forward, saying that it won’t amount to anything once the playoffs begin.

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