CFP: Top Six Unchanged

The College Football Playoff’s weekly rankings were released yet again on Tuesday night, and this time around there was yet again little movement at the top. The top six all remain the same as they were a week ago, with Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson, Ohio State, Texas A&M, and Florida ruling the proverbial roost.

The first change came at #7, where we saw two-loss Iowa State jump undefeated Cincinnati. Another noteworthy bit of movement came as Coastal Carolina (#13) and BYU (#18) swapped spots after the Chanticleers big win last Saturday. 4-0 USC is the top ranked Pac-12 team in the current rankings, while North Carolina at #17 is the highest ranked three-loss team at the moment. There is still some time left to make a move, but it is starting to get late in this crazy season.

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