Chanel’s Pre-Owned Shopping Basket Costs Rs 86 Lakh, Internet Shocked

Chanel's Pre-Owned Shopping Basket Costs Rs 86 Lakh, Internet Shocked

The product is on sale for a whopping $104,663 (Rs 86.1 lakh).

Luxury fashion brands are known for their out-of-the-box thinking. However, extravagant products also come with exorbitant pricing. There have been numerous examples of the same- Dolce & Gabba’s ‘Khaki Ski Mask Cap for Rs 32,000 or flip-flops advertised by Hugo Boss for Rs 9,000 are some products that went viral online. Adding to the list is a second-hand XXL Chanel bag that looks like a shopping basket. The product is on sale for a whopping $104,663 (Rs 86.1 lakh), according to Farfetch, where it is listed.

The cost of Chanel’s “2014 XXL Shopping Basket bag” includes import duties as well. It is a part of the luxury brand’s Autumn/Winter 2014 collection. “For AW14, Chanel created its own a supermarket to showcase one of the brand’s most memorable runways. Forming part of said collection is this basket bag, wrapped with the maison’s signature leather and chain-link straps,” the listing added. 

The basket is made of leather on 35 per cent of its surface and has silver plating on the remaining 65 per cent surface. The two metallic top handles, the Chanel logo charm, the leather and chain-link detailing, and the silver-plated hardware are the highlights of the black basket.


According to the company, it’s one of their environment-conscious products since by buying the bag, you can be confident that you’re choosing wisely for the environment.

Twitter users were left baffled to witness the product’s pricing. 

“Surely that’s a mistake. Its meant to be 200k,” said a user.

“Well that’s farfetched lol,” remarked a second person.

“Is there a discount for buying in bulk?” questioned an internet user.

Another person said, “I’ll take 2. One for each arm. Or would 4 be better?”

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