Chargers, Bosa Agree Record Extension

Defensive end Joey Bosa, according to sources, has just made history. The kind of history that will keep the star in Los Angeles in a Chargers uniform for the next seasons. The agreement is said to be worth $135 million over those six years, breaking down to roughly $22.5 million per year.

$78 million of it will head to him directly upon signing while over $20 million more is ‘guaranteed’ to him over the life of the deal. He becomes the first Chargers player to ever sign a contract for over $100 million total, also making, quite clearly, the most expensive player in the history of the club. 2020 will be the final season of his rookie deal, on which he is due to make $14.4 million. So, he’ll be getting a nice time-and-a-half raise there. The deal also means he holds the record for most guaranteed money for a defensive player in league history. It’s well worth it, too, as he has racked up 0.8 sacks per game since entering the league.

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