Cheating, Escorts & Rehab: Jana Kramer & Mike Caussin’s Marriage Scandals Exposed

Jana Kramer and husband Mike Caussin are taking one step forward and two steps back, years after their divorce scare caused by his explosive cheating scandals.

On the latest episode of their podcast “Whine Down with Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin,” the pair candidly discussed their most recent fight, saying it started when Kramer found a topless photo of a woman on Caussin’s Apple Watch, which he had deleted on his phone.

The former NFL star revealed that when he received the image, he knew he should tell his wife, but he was “terrified” she would think he was cheating again, so instead, he deleted it. That decision, however, only backfired.

“It just sucks. As soon as we feel like we’re hitting a good patch, my past behaviors and my past actions come back to haunt me. Because I know I didn’t handle it in the way I had to, it made it even worse,” Caussin, 32, said.

“It’s not how Jana and I had agreed on to discuss these things. It’s beyond hurtful to see Jana hurt and upset and feel the things that she feels because of the things I’ve done in the past,” Caussin continued, holding back tears.

After fining the topless photo, Kramer, 35, called the number to find out it was likely a fake bot. Still, she said, she was triggered by the shadiness of the entire situation. And while she said she doesn’t often look through her husband’s texts, she had a “really weird intuition” that day.

“When I looked, I was like, ‘Goddamnit.’ I saw it and my heart just fell. It’s here. It’s happened again. I’m such an f***ing idiot and I immediately called my best friend and I was just shaking crying outside,” she said.

“The sneakiness of feeling like he deleted it … I’m just sick of finding things. Then someone says don’t look but it’s hard not to look when I have that intuition to look,” Kramer said. “The deleting things, whether it was a fluke text, sends me right back to him deleting all the messages that he did with his affairs. It’s just heavy. My anxiety level is through the roof.”

Caussin, also getting emotional, apologized to his wife on air, saying “I am sorry honey that I didn’t handle it the way that we agreed upon. I didn’t handle it the right way for myself, for you, for both of us.” readers know the former football star has previously opened up and attended counseling for his ongoing sex addiction. Throughout his marriage to Kramer, he’s relapsed various times, causing them to split and nearly file for divorce. The two have been married since 2015 and share two kids together, daughter Jolie Rae Caussin, 3, and 10-month-old son Jace Joseph Caussin.

After their latest podcast episode aired, the country music singer told fans that it was one of the hardest shows to film, and she and Caussin almost didn’t release it. In the end, however, they thought they owed it to their listeners.

Radar readers know this is just the latest marriage drama for the famous duo, who ever the years has managed to overcome various ups and downs in their relationship.