Chef Vikas Khanna Tweets Video Of Air India Plane’s “Beautiful” Interiors, Internet Confused

Chef Vikas Khanna Tweets Video Of Air India Plane's 'Beautiful' Interiors, Internet Confused

Celebrity chef Vikas Khanna was left mesmerised by the beauty of the aircraft.

Celebrity chef Vikas Khanna recently flew Air India and was left mesmerised by the beauty of the aircraft and the service by the crew members. He took to Twitter to share a video of the business class of the flight. 

“Possibly one of the most beautiful aircraft I’ve flown in. And impeccable service…” he wrote in the caption of the video. He further said, “Yes. This. Is. Air. India.”

Responding to the same, the Tata-owned airline said, “That’s a beautiful view, Mr. Khanna! We’re delighted to hear that you were impressed with the service. It gives us immense pleasure to know that we could make your flight comfortable. Can’t wait to share the skies with you again soon!”

Since being shared, the post has amassed over five lakh views and over five thousand likes.

“If this is the future of Air India, then millions will chose to fly the direct routes that Air India offers. Look forward to a brighter future!” said a user.

“I refuse to believe that this is an Air India flight,” commented a Twitter user. 

However, some internet users pointed out that Air India’s colour scheme did not match the interiors of the plane in the video. Some aviation enthusiasts mentioned that the particular Air India plane is one of the newly leased airplanes from Delta Airlines. 

“This is Delta One business class seats and this aircraft is leased by Air India and its ex-Delta,” said another person. 

An internet user added, “That’s cuz it’s fresh from Delta. Wait 6 months, it’ll reek to the high heavens.”

“This seems like one of 777s leased from Delta. This is Delta interior. The legacy Air India does not offer a 1-2-1 Business Class,” remarked another person. 

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In November, Air India received its first Boeing 777-200 LR. The Boeing aircraft was leased from Delta airlines and have a premium economy class along with standard classes. This came after Air India unveiled its comprehensive transformation strategy in September 2022 in order to establish itself as a top-tier international airline.

This strategy, known as Vihaan.AI, aims to make Air India the best in its class in terms of customer service, technology, product, reliability and hospitality. These new aircraft are being deployed on international routes. 

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