Chiefs, Mahomes Agree Massive Extension

There is a ton of uncertainty in our world at present, but the Kansas City Chiefs are sure of one thing: their quarterback. They made that abundantly clear on Monday when news emerged that they had signed Pat Mahomes to a major 10-year extension that is said to be worth $450 million guaranteed and could go up as high as over $500 million over that period.

NBC Sports

His new contract will run out in 2031, as he is already under one for two more seasons. So, this is essentially a 12-year deal now. Between 2021 and 2023 alone, he’ll make $83 million in signing bonuses. Of course, it’s hard to fault the Chiefs here for making this move. He bailed them out in a big way to lead them to a late Super Bowl win last season, and they would not want to lose their franchise star under any circumstances. It does lead you to believe that they will have a hard time spreading the wealth to others, and keeping other important players, but those are just the hurdles you have to jump over in the modern NFL.

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