Cinema worker shares popcorn trick that guarantees you get the right portion size

A cinema worker has revealed there’s a trick to securing the right amount of popcorn to enjoy with your film – as he said their sizes aren’t always what they seem

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Cinema worker reveals ‘secret’ about popcorn sizes

When you go to the cinema, it seems to be an unwritten rule that you must buy some popcorn to enjoy while you watch your film – even if half of it is gone by the time the trailers start.

But what size do you order?

While it might be tempting to go all out and spend more money securing a large portion of popcorn that will see you through the whole film, one cinema worker has confessed you’re probably not making the most out of your money by doing things this way.

June Long, from the US, posted a video on TikTok in which acted out a scene where a customer ordered popcorn and explained that at his cinema, the snack comes in three sizes – a large bucket, a regular bucket, and a junior bag.

The man said you’re not always getting what you pay for



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The man, who posts under the username @thatcoolguy.25597, then ran through the different portions to show how a bigger size doesn’t always mean more food.

He said in his role as the customer: “Can I get the medium? No, actually, that’s too much. Can I just get the small please?”

After putting together a junior bag of popcorn, he said as the server that his total was $7.35 (£6), before he switched back to the customer asking to instead change to a regular bucket of popcorn as his serving didn’t seem big enough.

The small bag was filled to the brim



But the popcorn also filled a medium bucket



Then, June could be seen pouring the contents of the small bag into the regular bucket – with the popcorn completely filling it up with no need for any more to be added.

The server then charged the customer $8.44 (£7) for the regular, even though he was buying the exact same amount of popcorn, just in a different container.

June then said: “Can I just get the junior? You’re trying to scam me or something.”

So to make sure you’re always getting the best value for money, June suggests just buying a small popcorn, as you probably won’t get much more in your serving if you upped it to a medium.

The man’s video has been viewed over a million times, and people couldn’t believe they’d been spending more money for seemingly no reason for so long.

One person said: “Everything in America is an illusion, just go with small.”

While another added: “Never getting popcorn from the movies again.”

“Exactly why I go and get a kids meal box popcorn candy and a drink for $8 (£6.50)”, a third stated.

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