College Football Playoff Announced… No Surprises Made

The College Football Playoff was officially announced on Sunday afternoon, and there were no real surprises to be heard of when the news broke out. The top four is exactly how everyone imagined it would be. Alabama are the top overall seed having ran the table in the SEC, and they will take on Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish, of course, had come in the final weekend unbeaten, but they were beaten soundly by Clemson, so they dropped down to the fourth seed as a result.

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In the other match up, the #2 seed is aforementioned Clemson. The Tigers only lost once this season, to the Irish when they were without Trevor Lawrence and others, and they avenged that loss to them in the ACC title game. Also making the playoff for the umpteenth time, facing the Tigers, will be Ohio State. The Buckeyes played far fewer games than the other three, but their reputation helped them get over the top and make the final four. Texas A&M were the first team out, and their consolation will be taking on North Carolina in the Orange Bowl. Cincinnati, the top-ranked unbeaten team to not make the playoff, was rewarded with a Peach Bowl assignment against Georgia. Coastal Carolina, another undefeated team that made a lot of noise, will be facing Liberty in the Cure Bowl. Not exactly what they wanted, we’re sure.

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