College Sports Impacted By Covid

Everyone in the world, one way or another, is being affected by the current pandemic, and that means that college sports were naturally going to be impacted as well. Two bits of news came out on Wednesday that could be indicative of things to come all over the country. First and foremost, the Ivy League has postponed all fall sports for the 2020 season.


This includes football, but it’s being reported that they might move it to the spring, should conditions improve enough to do so. This would be no issue for the Ivy League, as they don’t have massive amounts of money tied up in broadcasting- they already have it. Elsewhere, Stanford also made news by announcing that they would be cutting over a quarter- 11 of 36- of their sports out entirely. This comes as a result of the global pandemic, and it means that 22 coaches will be out of the job and that over 220 students will be hit by the news. All contracts and scholarships will be honored, so we do tip our cap to the school for taking that stance and doing that right. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a sign of the times and sure to happen elsewhere, too.

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