Cottage man shared with unusual companion up for sale – but it needs some work

Tony Trewin lived in the house in Liskeard, Cornwall, with his pet bull, Scrunch, but sadly both have now passed away and the house, which has fallen into a bit of state, is going under the hammer

Pontious Piece Cottages
Pontious Piece Cottages is a bit of a fixer upper

A dilapidated farmhouse once home to a man and his ‘intelligent’ bull is set to go under the hammer – and could be yours for just £175,000.

Pontious Piece Cottages is a four-bed home and looks like it’ll take a bit of work to get back to its former glory, but it’s likely that looking through the pictures the broken roof isn’t the thing you’ll remember the most.

That’s because the former occupant, Tony Trewin, didn’t live in the house alone – he lived with Scrunch, a half-ton Highland cross bull, and he was a big fella.

Tony said that Scrunch was the best pet and he loved living with the bull, but sadly both have now passed away and the property, near Liskeard, Cornwall, is going to auction with a guide price of £175,000.

Tony fed Scrunch from a bottle after finding him freezing in a shed



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As reported by Richard Smith for The Mirror in 2008, Tony and Scrunch would cosy up together to watch TV in the lounge and the big bull loved having his belly tickled.

Tony, who was 49 at the time, even fed him milk from a baby’s bottle every night before putting him to bed in the garden shed.

Speaking at the time, he said: “I know Scrunch is big and bulls aren’t known for their intelligence, but he’s as loyal and affectionate as any cat or dog. You couldn’t wish for a better pet.”

Scrunch had the run of the house



Tony took Scrunch in after finding him abandoned in a field and close to death when he was a few hours old.

He said: “It was touch and go – he lay with his head in the oven to keep warm. I named him Scrunch because he would scrunch up his face as if to say ‘Who are you?’.”

Scrunch had the run of Tony’s remote 15th century home and slept in the house when it was raining – despite spending most days grazing on Bodmin Moor before bellowing to be let in for his night-time milk.

Insepara-bull – how The Mirror reported the story at the time


Daily Mirror)

Tony added: “He loves cows. He likes to bring them home and often arrives with a couple of heifers in tow.”

Sadly, Tony died a few years ago and Scrunch passed away from old age last year, and now the house is going under the hammer on Wednesday, July 27, at Lifton Strawberry Fields.

The description reads: “As was in the press at the time, and remains online with various videos, articles and photographs, the late Tony Trewin occupied Pontious Piece Cottages, in a most unconventional way.

Tony Trewin and his pet bull, Scrunch



“Tony lived without most modern conveniences and lived a simple reclusive life. What brought his story to light was the unexpected relationship he enjoyed with “Scrunch”, a Highland steer, which Tony rescued as a poorly calf.

“Tony began letting the calf into the cottages on a daily basis for his feed and the two became more than master and pet, but actually bonded as lifelong friends.

“Sadly Tony passed away a few years later and his ashes were scattered a short distance from the cottages, on land still owned by our vendor.

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“Scrunch was looked after and allowed to stay and enjoy his home until he died a few years ago of old age. He was also cremated, with his ashes being scattered next to Tony.

“This wonderful and unique story will no doubt be preserved as restoration to Pontious Piece Cottages takes place with another.”

They went on to describe the property as: “A truly fantastic opportunity to completely renovate two former adjoining cottages. Steeped in history and thought to date back to 15th Century. In a wonderful moorland and World Heritage Site setting.”

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