Couch seller accidentally shares naughty texts on Facebook marketplace advert

An unsuspecting Facebook user accidentally uploaded a screenshot of some raunchy text messages to the social media site on an advert for a couch they were selling

Woman looking shocked at her phone
The couch seller accidentally uploaded the X-rated messages to Facebook (stock image)

There’s arguably nothing worse than someone going on your phone and reading your, ahem, *private* messages, which were meant for the eyes of the receiver only.

Well, except for when you accidentally upload said messages onto a public Facebook group for the whole world to say. Yeah, we’d say that’s worse.

It’s quite literally the kind of thing nightmares are made of, but sadly that nightmare became reality for one unassuming Facebook user, who made the ultimate social media faux par while creating an advert to sell a second hand couch.

The couch seller, who has been kept anonymous for obvious reasons, accidentally – or at least we assume it was an accident – uploaded a screenshot of a rather raunchy set of text messages, alongside pictures of the couch they were trying to flog. Buy a couch and get some free sexts?

The rude messages were accompanied by pictures of a couch for sale

The X-rated screengrab was uploaded to ‘For Sale In Walthamstow And Surrounding Areas’ Facebook page, as part of an advert for a corner sofa, armchair and matching pouffe.

But, the seller’s finger must’ve slipped when selecting pictures for the advert, and they ended up broadcasting the private texts, which included messages such as, “You ready to f*** this on the table?” and “I want to f*** it.” Crikey.

It’s unclear how long the post stayed up for, before the poor seller realised the gravity of what they had done. All we can do is hope they were able to see the funny side of the situation.

Or, perhaps they actually cooked up an elaborate plan to draw attention to their post in an attempt to sell the couches quickly? It’s a bit of a reach, but not impossible.

Anyway, here’s to hoping they managed to flog the furniture with a bit of their dignity left in tact.

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