Country Star Lainey Wilson Actually Lives in the Music City! Details on the State She Calls Home

Lainey Wilson is taking country music by storm and quickly climbing to the top of the industry. The “Heart Like a Truck” singer has made many sacrifices to reach her desired level of success, including relocating from her hometown as a teen to pursue her dream. However, her move was the right one as she quickly settled in and became a superstar.

Where is Lainey Wilson From?

Lainey was born in the small town of Baskin, Louisiana, where she was raised by parents Brian and Michelle. Her mother was a teacher, while her dad worked as a farmer and his soon-to-be-famous daughter would often accompany him in the fields.

“I grew up in a town where country music is life: We eat, sleep and breathe it. I have loved it with my entire heart, and I feel like country music is finally starting to love me back,” she said of her hometown to People in August 2023.

Lainey’s father suffered a stroke while she was filming Yellowstone in 2022, resulting in nine surgeries and the removal of his left eye.

“It was really, really bad,” she said. “All the doctors had told us, ‘This is not looking good,’” Lainey recalled, noting that production “hired a few hundred extras to be on-set” but she “didn’t wanna go” and leave her father in Houston, Texas.

Where Does Lainey Wilson Live? Singer's Hometown, Current City
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Lainey discussed her feelings on a phone call, not knowing her dad was eavesdropping in the recovery room.

“He opened his eyes and said, ‘Did I hear that you’re not going out to film Yellowstone?’ I said, ‘Daddy, I can’t leave you.’ He said, ‘You better go, and you better not come back until the job is done,’” she recalled. “That is the girl that he raised. So, I headed that way and did it. It’s that mentality right there that I feel has gotten me to this place.”

Where Does Lainey Wilson Live?

While seeking out to launch her music career after graduating high school, Lainey set her boots to Nashville, Tennessee in 2011.

The “Get In the Truck” singer got acquainted with the city rather quickly and released her self-titled album three years later. Though Lainey is still living in the Music City while living her dream as a country rockstar, the Yellowstone actress lived in a trailer located in a friend’s yard during those first three years.

“I would walk up and down Music Row in Nashville and pass out my demos and my CDs. I had a lot of folks slam the door in my face,” she reflected to the outlet. “There were some hard times, there were some rough days, times when I should have probably packed it up and went home, hooked the trailer to the back of the truck and said, ‘I can’t do this.’ But I’ve always had a really weird sense of peace knowing that this is the only thing I know how to do.”

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