Creepy Playground Full Of Old McDonald’s Statues Goes Up For Sale

It’s not always easy to get the feng shui of your home just right. You can spend weeks rearranging your cushions and draping fairy lights over your fireplace to no avail.

But worry no more, because you can now nail domestic perfection by getting your hands on a playground’s worth of disturbing McDonald’s memorabilia, in what is surely the auction of 2018.

Always wondered how to fill that spacious master bedroom of yours? A massive Ronald McDonald will do it.

Need to amp up the appeal of your front garden? How about a huge, frightened-looking cheeseburger?

Yes, there truly is something for everyone with this auction.

The wonderful 350-strong collection of items has been sourced from branches of the fast food chain from across the globe and will be going under the hammer in Chicago this weekend. In keeping with the restaurant chain’s notoriously affordable menu, bids will start from as little as $1 (80p).

Credit: Caters
Credit: Caters

But don’t get too excited, the best things in life don’t come cheap, with many of the items already receiving bids into the thousands.

Jim Lentz, director of Animation Art at Heritage Auctions, said: “Nothing like this has ever come to market.

“If you look at our inventory will be blown away, there are 350 lots and mostly everything is one of a kind. It’s McDonald’s’ dream auction.

“We have murals for McDonald’s in Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, it was amazing seeing all these designs alongside those for Texas, New York, Hawaii – it’s a global phenomenon.

“Some of the prototypes, the Ronald McDonald highchair, Hamburger lamp, and the first Ronald McDonald statue may take off beyond our wildest dreams.”

Credit: Caters
Credit: Caters

Begs the question – just how wild are Jim’s dreams?

He added: “My personal favourite is the dazzling display of Wes Cook graphite artwork of all the characters and all have their own themes.

“There is the mast of a ship, a sports theme, surfing theme, milking cows theme – these drawings will truly knock your socks off.”

Fair play to him, takes some doing to pick just one favourite from this whopper selection.

Credit: Caters
Credit: Caters

But before you hop on Skyscanner and see if you can get to Chicago by the end of the weekend, listen to this – you can watch and bid on the auction online! Meaning all the money you would have spent on flights you can now use to buy even more terrified-looking burgers.

Mr Lentz said: “The statues are in the windows and people are stopping their cars, taking selfies, and saying, ‘This is my childhood’ – it invokes a lot of happy memories.

“We have 150 pieces one display in Chicago now and people are going nuts.”

I’ll bet Jim – it’s going to be completely off the chain.

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