Cubs Set 15-Game Mark, Jays Lose Slugfest

The 2020 Chicago Cubs, through challenging times off the field, have managed to become the best team in club history since 1970 after 15 games, as they ‘clinched’ that mark on Wednesday night with their 7-2 win over the Indians in Cleveland. That win took them to 12-3 on the season, one in which manager David Ross is in his first year.

Chicago Sun-Times

The win over Cleveland also echoed back to their most recent World Series win, as pitcher Kyle Hendricks pitched to the victory (moving to 3-1 in the process thanks to six solid innings of work) and Anthony Rizzo hit a home run as well, haunting the Indians further as they were forced to relive some of those memories of losing that seven-game series. Ross continues to preach positivity to his team, but he won’t take the credit. And we imagine that is why they are succeeding at the moment. Elsewhere, the Toronto Blue Jays somehow managed to lose a game in which they had 18 hits and seven home runs. That’s because the Miami Marlins were their opponents, dropping them 14-10. They did it with small ball, getting just one extra-base hit all evening in Buffalo. It’s a strange game sometimes, isn’t it?

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