Curry Drops 38 As Clippers Collapse Again

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There are a couple of very notable stories that came out of the game pitting the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers against one another on Friday night. For starters, Steph Curry, obviously, is very good. Many were writing him off as being ‘done,’ as a superstar, anyway, but he’s made it very clear he’s here to stay. He might not have the help he used to have, but he is still very much capable of winning games and leading a team. He did that on this evening, scoring 38 points as he helped his Warriors come back from a big deficit (as much as 21 in the late stretches of the third quarter).


The other story is that the Clippers, once again, managed to figure out a way to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. Despite 24 from Kawhi Leonard and 25 from Paul George, their two big stars, they were outscored 34-18 in the fourth quarter and ultimately fell 115-105. That makes it eight times in the past two seasons they have conspired to lose when they had led by at least 15. And on top of that, no one is going to forget their lack of a run in last season’s playoffs. Leonard was right when he said “we just have to change.”

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