Dad bans parents from babysitting daughter after they ‘permanently damaged her body’

A man took to Reddit to ask users for advice after his parents had their nine-month-old granddaughter’s ears pierced – and users said they’d ‘never leave their child with them again’

Shot of a happy grandmother and grandfather meeting their granddaughter
They took things a step too far

A furious dad has revealed how his parents pierced his daughter’s ears behind his back.

In an anonymous post on Reddit, the man explained that he and his fiancée have a nine-month-old baby girl named Thalia.

Their families were very supportive and would often pop around to visit until things turned sour.

“Basically we decided it was gonna be up to Thalia when she older if she wants to get her ears pierced,” he wrote.

“I was never into the idea of it being done as a baby when they can’t consent, my fiancée’s parents pierced her ears when she was a baby and she always hated wearing earrings. Still doesn’t wear any.”

But his parents loved the idea and were keen for her to get her ears pierced too, even though the couple were set on their decision.

They pierced her ears behind the couple’s back


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He said: “When they babysat for us once they got one of my mom’s friends to do it and we were f***ing pissed they went behind our backs.

“We stopped talking to them after that for disrespecting our decision.

“Everyone was saying we were making a big deal and we can’t cut them out of their granddaughter’s life over something like that.”

So they decided to only let them see Thalia when they were with her and to not let her out of their sight when she was around them.

“That’s where everyone is still saying we’re being massive a**holes because we’re still punishing them over something that’s not a big deal and we’re treating them like children,’ he added.

“Even my fiancée’s parents think that only letting them have supervised visits is too much and they should be allowed to babysit or have Thalia at their place alone like before.

“We’re still not wanting to change our minds on our conditions so it’s pinning everyone against us.”

He asked Reddit users whether he and his fiancée were being unreasonable for not wanting to leave her alone with them and whether he should be more forgiving – and everyone agreed his parents were in the wrong.

One person said: “I wouldn’t be leaving my child with them ever again. My mum cut my daughters fringe and I lost it; this is another level altogether.”

Another pointed out: “They permanently damaged their granddaughter’s ears to put jewellery in, which can cause an infection and possibly kill the child if it was not done with sterile gear, which is not confirmed because it was just one of their friends and possibly not a professional.

“If the granddaughter doesn’t like the piercings when she is older, then they permanently ruined one of the main parts of her body. That is absolutely absurd.”

Whilst someone else said: “Yeah. It’s not about the ear piercing. It’s about the blatant disregard for the parents’ wishes. You can’t trust people who not only will do things you don’t want them to do, but also refuse to apologize for what they did, dismissing it.”

But one person put: “Funny how no one is criticizing the parents for ACTING like children.

“Don’t act like children and you won’t get treated like children.”

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