Dad jokes daughter is ‘grounded for 12 years’ after finding rude book she was writing


One amused dad has joked that his nine-year-old daughter is going to be “grounded for 12 years” after learning that she was writing a book with a rather rude title

Ashlynn with her book
Ashlynn’s book had a cheeky headline

A dad has shared his surprise over his daughter’s latest foray into creative writing – and left many people in stitches as a result.

Nine-year-old schoolgirl Ashlynn is “passionate about art”, and her father Adam Tonge enjoys taking the time to read to her and help her out with her various projects.

So when Ashlynn recently asked him how to spell the word “squirrel” for a story she was working on, Adam thought nothing of it until she showed him the title of her piece.

It turned out she’d started writing and hand-illustrated a book with a rather rude title.

Called Those F****** Squirrels, the book appears to be at least partly inspired by her mother’s frustration at the squirrels causing havoc in their garden.

Twitter users loved Ashlynn’s creative book idea



Like many great authors before her, Ashlynn was inspired by real life events



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Taking to Twitter, Adam, joked that Ashlynn was “grounded for 12 years”, before clarifying that he actually found the cheeky title pretty funny.

Adam’s followers were left in absolute stitches at the sight of the unexpectedly NSFW book cover, which has since gone viral.

One person asked if they could order “12 copies”, while another laughed, “Although I won’t condone the language, I totally want to read this book now”.

Detroit-based Credit union worker Adam is now helping the budding author with the structure of her story, which does sound like a genuinely funny read.

Speaking with The Mirror, Adam said: “The book is about how someone is having a bad day that is mostly caused by squirrels. For example, the main character pours out a bowl of cereal, it’s nothing but acorns.

“It’s in progress. We finished a rough draft, but we need to go back through and finalise it. My daughter has also been drawing pictures for the book.

“I don’t want to push her to get this stuff done with deadlines. If she wants to create the book, I want to support her. It’s important to me that I don’t write the book. I just want to help.”

The book is inspired by squirrels causing havoc in their garden (stock photo)


Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Adam also opened up a bit about what could have sparked Ashlynn’s inspiration, with the family having recently had to contend with some very naughty real-life squirrels.

He explained: “My wife and I both thought it was funny. Although I would prefer my daughter doesn’t use that word regularly, I’ll let it slide for the sake of art.

“My wife has been frustrated with the squirrels lately as they tear up the mulch, eat the birdseed, and create other mischiefs.”

Ashlynn is said to be very pleased with the positive reactions her work-in-progress has garnered and is “excited” that so many people out there like her idea.

Adam on the other hand has been left “surprised” by the hugely positive response to his tweet, which has clocked up more than 10,000 retweets.

The proud dad added: “I hope part of that is because it was something organic. It wasn’t something that was planned or rehearsed. We don’t have a book ready to go already. It was just a nine-year-old starting a book about squirrels.

“I had to explain the tweet going viral to my wife, my daughter, my parents, my wife’s parents, people I work with, and others.

“The internet is sometimes very strange.”

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