“Daddy Don’t Kiss”: Tennis Star Andy Murray Has “Tough Game” While Dropping 6-Year-Old Child At School

'Daddy Don't Kiss': Tennis Star Andy Murray Has 'Tough Game' While Dropping 6-Year-Old Child At School

The tweet was posted a few hours ago

Three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray recently took to Twitter to share his hilarious experience while dropping off his 6-year-old child at school.

Murray’s tweet reads, “School drop off this morning. My 6-year old “daddy don’t give me a kiss and a cuddle anymore when you drop me…just stay in the car.” tough game. Back to reality!”

Check out the tweet here:

The tweet has received several reactions online. Piers Morgan wrote, “firm handshake time.”

Another social media user commented, “You can pick her up in the afternoon with a stunning comeback.”

The third user wrote, “When I walked mine to school, I would have to stop a block away so she could walk the rest of the way alone.”

The fourth user commented, “Oh no! I know that one. ‘Don’t hug me in public’. Bless our kids!”

Meanwhile, Andy Murray was seemingly not happy about being denied a bathroom break during Australia Open on Thursday. Murray, who had already used all of his bathroom allocations, wasn’t allowed to leave the court to relieve himself. However, he was seemingly not happy about being denied another bathroom break and fumed at the chair umpire Eva Asderaki-Moore.

He also said that the Australian Open rules are “disrespectful” and a “joke”.

“Do you know something? I respect the rules. But it’s a joke. It is a joke and you know it as well. It’s disrespectful. It’s so disrespectful to the players that the tournament has us out here until three, f****** four in the morning and we aren’t allowed to go to the toilet and take a piss. It’s a joke, it’s disrespectful,” he said.

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