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Discipline Problems Abound

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And then there’s this. We spoke yesterday about the fan running on the field at a soccer game. The relevance has been pushed up a degree as Russell Westbrook got into it with a couple of fans on Monday night. There were some serious words exchanged from the OKC Thunder guard after he felt a reference to slavery was made toward him. Whether it happened is up in the air, but it just goes to show that the Jack Grealish situation can and eventually will happen here if things aren’t handled. With the likes of Serge Ibaka and Marquee Chriss fighting one another in a separate game, it’s a distinct possibility the NBA could be building toward another scarring sort of event ala the Malice at the Palace. Let’s hope not, but there is a chance this is coming to a head. Speaking of that, Connor McGregor’s career could be coming to a head after he was arrested yet again. This time, it was for robbery and overall criminal mischief. It’s just the latest, unfortunately, event of the such for the UFC and one-time boxing star. Let’s hope he gets the help he needs and fast.

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